Advanced Lending Technology

Flexstar technology is designed with your business efficiency and customer experience in mind. It’s a fast and convenient solution that lets you provide competitive financing wherever a sale might occur. Whether you’re onsite, maintaining an eCommerce channel or even providing goods and services out in the field, you’ll have quick access to a payment option for customers seeking an alternative to cash or credit card.

There’s Nothing Better than “Yes”

Throughout the life of the financing relationship, Flexstar is focused on speed, service and sales opportunity for merchants and service providers. The solution offers easy application, quick qualification, fast funding and online account access for merchants, service providers and borrowers. And, with a custom credit-scoring and risk model that looks at more than a customer’s traditional credit score, we can say “yes” more often. That means more satisfied consumers and greater sales performance.

It’s simple really. How would you respond if we asked whether your sales team would like to hear “yes” more often?

Yes, we thought so.