This is the Flexstar mission:

To make it possible for consumers
of varying credit types to achieve
their lifestyle aspirations.

We know that your lifestyle is a reflection of your life – the things you need and the ideas you dream. In today’s world, enjoying the best moments and making it through the difficult times both require adequate financial resources and strategies for managing your unique financial situation.

Through a network of participating merchants and service providers, Flexstar provides an intelligent financing program to help meet your credit requirements.

Whether you’re researching Flexstar as a potential financing alternative or have already joined us as a customer, you’re making a good choice for onsite and online financing at your preferred retailer. Our credit program makes it possible to make that immediate purchase so important to you or your family.

Your satisfying experience with Flexstar only starts with your signature.

As a customer, we make it easy for you to view your account details, pay your bill, obtain customer support and even provide continuing education about the responsible use of the financial instrument you have acquired. It all starts here.

Delighting customers is not only something we say – it’s something we believe, and it exists as one of our core corporate values. We start that journey by providing you with access to the products and services you need, when you need them, and continue the experience throughout our servicing relationship.

Get started now!