About Flexstar

Flexstar Financial Solutions is a reliable, service-oriented financial solutions company with the ability to create additional revenue opportunities for merchants and service providers. Through our trusted partnerships across a wide range of industries, advanced technology and competitive approval rates, we proudly provide a solution that helps merchants and service providers offer their customers the best financing experience possible.

Gain New Business with Unmatched Convenience

We’re committed to helping you grow your business by providing your customers the purchasing power they deserve. An easy application process empowers you to create new opportunities for consumers to achieve their goals successfully and responsibly. And with fast reimbursements, our flexible financing solution is just as convenient for you as it is for your customers. Leave product development, compliance and servicing to Flexstar, and adopt a new payment channel that is as easy to manage as a simple online application.

Merchants and service providers in industries such as pets, sporting goods, home furnishings, travel, electronics, jewelry, medical and dental procedures, and more can turn to Flexstar for quality customer service, competitive onsite and eCommerce financing and a best-in-class experience they won’t find anywhere else.

Flexstar works hard to make it easier for you to support business growth, increase sales conversion and revenue, and enhance customer service through:

  • Competitive approval rates
  • Fast funding
  • Point-of-sale and eCommerce financing
  • Customer service you can count on
  • Consumer credit resources and education

Contact us to make the most of the Flexstar Advantage for your business.