Our Offerings

Grow your business, delight your customers

Flexstar offers a solution for merchants and service providers who want to offer flexible financing to meet consumers’ financial needs and lifestyles. Why do we call it flexible? Because now you can provide a financing program that enables your customers to extend their purchasing power for the purchase of retail goods and services, A convenient payment alternative other than cash and credit card can help you convert customers more quickly and increase your revenue potential.

That’s right, a program designed for customer convenience at the point-of-sale on the one hand, and merchant growth on the other. Imagine a financing program that creates new business – both onsite and online – as well as satisfied customers.

More than the same

You can be assured of fast decisions, greater potential for increased revenue and quick funding. Flexstar lets you sell more product and provide a delightful customer experience.

But what makes us different is the ability to use a financing program not just as a way to earn a customer, but also as the means to promote customer loyalty and drive stronger relationships. Appeal to a broader spectrum of customers with a sales and marketing tool designed to enhance your competitiveness – wherever you do business.