Dental Services

Financing should never stand in the way of providing your valued patients with dental care they need and deserve. Flexstar Financial Solutions offers convenient customer financing programs to consumers looking for credit options to pay for dental health services.

Fast Approvals Accelerate Care

Patients facing unexpected dental emergencies or individuals looking to improve their overall health and wellness through elective dental procedures can find peace of mind when they apply for a Flexstar revolving line of credit. When insurance falls short or patients seek an alternative to cash or credit cards, our patient financing programs come through. Easily combined with insurance payments, our credit solutions help relieve their worries and provide you with the payment you need to provide the best level of care. Who wants to wait for treatment when they have a painful toothache? With a quick application process and a high rate of approval, we are proud to offer dental providers and their patients with an exceptional experience they won’t find anywhere else.

Quality Financing, Dental Care You Can Trust

Our patient financing programs were designed to help you grow the success and profitability of your practice without sacrificing the time you spend caring for and treating your patients.