Medical Services

Flexstar Financial Solutions understands that every healthcare provider’s business needs are as unique as their patient’s financial needs. That’s why we’ve created a financing program that helps you grow your practice while helping to support the difficult decisions that your patients make when choosing their care. 

Provide Trusted Care, Whenever It’s Needed

Patients with varying credit backgrounds can obtain payment alternatives to cash and credit card – which can be an important factor when trying to secure unexpected or elective medical services. Competitive approval rates and a fast, online application make it easy for your patients to receive the care they deserve in a timely manner.

Build Your Business with Integrity

At Flexstar, we’re proud to partner with medical providers who want to provide their patients with financing programs that support their ideal health, happiness and well-being. Grow your business potential and serve patient needs with the right financing to support the care they demand and deserve.

Flexstar Financing Advantages:

  • Immediate decisions with our easy, online application
  • Convenient in-office and online financing
  • Customer service you can count on
  • Service provider education and marketing support