Introducing Flexstar

The evolution of the financing marketplace is making it possible for consumers of varying credit types to achieve their lifestyle aspirations with more and better tools for strengthening their purchasing power and creating new opportunity.

Flexstar Financial Solutions isn’t business as usual, but a business that is set on making a difference. We’re giving retailers access to an excellent credit program for consumers who desire more payment flexibility than cash or credit cards for the purchase of goods or services. Flexstar is leveraging 34 years of management experience to implement product development, compliance and servicing processes to help consumers not only fulfill their individual and family’s financial obligations and not only buy things, but to acquire valuable experiences and obtain important services such as medical procedures and dental treatments.

Serving needs, providing dreams

Our business partnerships across retail industries help to ensure that Americans can make the material and experiential purchases they desire to be satisfied and happy with their lives. We realize that by providing financing programs to the pet industry, we enable people to acquire a new family member and the joy that accompanies pet ownership. By enabling travel providers to offer alternative ways to pay for services such as vacation bookings and honeymoon plans, people are acquiring unforgettable memories and life-changing moments. The industries we support, and the effect our solutions can have, goes on and on.

So we’re building a business that responds to the needs of a broad base of consumers, while at the same time promoting financial responsibility. We will do that by complementing our offering with thorough merchant and service provider training, as well as additional focus on information and financial education that enables consumers to make smart decisions about their payment options.

Building a new idea from the bottom up

Our expertise and experience offers us the ability to offer you a program with remarkable features and customer support, right from the get-go. And as we continue the path of business growth, you’ll see even more tools and resources emerge. So be sure to bookmark our blog… or even better, contact Flexstar Financial Solutions and let us introduce ourselves. You’ll see. Together we can make a difference to your business – and to your customers.